Permanent carbon removal

Rooted in nature, backed by science.

We do enhanced rock weathering

We’re harnessing the power of nature for a greener future. Our mission is to spread enough rock by 2025 to remove 1 million tonnes of CO2.

Taking action on CO2

Extreme weather. Soil degradation. Ocean acidification. Our climate is in crisis.

Reducing emissions alone isn’t enough. We need to remove excess CO2 from our atmosphere, permanently.


tonnes of rock


hectares spread


farms enriched


tonnes of CO2 to be removed

Gigatonne potential

Enhanced rock weathering (ERW) has the potential to remove up to 4 billion tonnes of CO2 per year – a staggering 40% of global targets.

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The nature behind the technology

The geological process of rock weathering removes 1 billion tonnes of CO2 every year.

As rain falls through the atmosphere it combines with CO2 to form carbonic acid. When this dilute acid lands on our soils, the CO2 mineralises and is safely stored as solid carbon.

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Accelerating nature’s solution

We accelerate what nature’s been doing for millennia by crushing silicate rock and spreading it on agricultural land. By increasing the rock’s surface area, CO2 is captured at a significantly faster rate than in the natural world.

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Co-benefits for climate and community

Explore the added benefits of enhanced rock weathering, where climate science meets soil health and community engagement.

Soil Health

Silicate rocks are naturally rich in nutrients such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. By spreading them on local agricultural land, we’re increasing soil fertility, crop yield and global food security.

Local Communities

UNDO’s crushed rock reduces lime and fertiliser costs for farmers. Our Green Jobs Pathway is bringing green jobs to rural communities. Rather than importing machines and talent, we partner with local contractors.

Ocean Health

The alkaline bicarbonate ions captured during the enhanced rock weathering process are eventually washed out to sea, where they help deacidify our oceans and are used by marine creatures to build their shells.

A science set to scale

Our solution is speeding up a process given to us by nature, from thousands of years to decades.


Unlike tree planting, carbon dioxide is permanently locked away for hundreds of thousands of years. Once the carbon has been removed, this cannot be reversed.


When you support us, the crushed silicate rock is spread on agricultural land within weeks. The weathering process begins removing CO2 and enriching the soil straight away.

Energy efficient

We use farm machinery to spread an aggregate by-product on local land. This ensures our operations have a 95% carbon efficiency for basalt and 90% for wollastonite.

For Businesses

Invest in a liveable future and support your net zero ambitions by purchasing carbon removals.

For Individuals

Be part of our climate-conscious community and help us lock away 1 billion tonnes of CO2 with a monthly subscription.

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Our Climate Technology

Global operations

Thousands of tonnes of rock spread in the UK, US, Australia and Canada, with field trials set up in East Africa.

Making a Lasting Impact

Delve into the transformative impact of our work, where pioneering science, innovative methodologies, and strategic partnerships converge to drive forward a sustainable future.

World-leading science

With lab-based and in-field trials, we gather robust data that establishes enhanced rock weathering as a leading carbon removal solution.

Climate pioneers

Our team of UNDOers are pioneering radical climate action to help us keep the planet fit for future generations.

Progressing methodologies

We’ve developed the industry's first ERW methodology which is in the final stages of approval as conformant with ISO 14064, while contributing to the ICROA-endorsed Puro Standard methodology.

Enabling net zero goals

We’ve partnered with leading payment platform Stripe, tech giant Microsoft, the racing team at McLaren and more, helping businesses on their sustainability journey.

Global recognition

UNDO was nominated for Prince William’s Earthshot Prize and awarded the Hottest Climate Tech Startup at the EUROPAS Awards.