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Carbon Offsetting for Businesses Explained

Navigating the intricacies of carbon offsetting and removal can be challenging, but understanding the science behind durable carbon removal techniques can help your business make an informed decision on your journey to net zero.

What is Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is a crucial part of a holistic net zero strategy, allowing businesses to compensate for their residual greenhouse gas emissions whilst implementing measures to reduce their carbon footprint. It involves investing in projects that prevent, reduce or remove emissions elsewhere, like UNDO’s enhanced rock weathering (ERW) solution.

Navigating the Pathway to Net Zero

Understanding the key steps in carbon management can guide your business on its unique journey towards sustainability. It’s not just about offsetting; it’s about establishing a responsible, holistic approach to your environmental impact.

Conduct a thorough assessment of your business’ emissions, including direct and indirect emissions. UNDO collaborates with a range of partners who can guide you through this crucial step, helping you establish a clear and actionable carbon benchmark.

It’s not just about decreasing your carbon footprint but striving to eliminate it. Identify and implement strategies to minimise emissions, targeting business operations suitable for decarbonisation. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) emphasises the need for businesses to rapidly reduce emissions and set near-term targets that halve emissions by 2030.

After first rapidly decarbonising, it’s estimated that approximately 10% of residual emissions need to be offset with high-permanence carbon removals. Aligned with the Core Carbon Principles and in harmony with the guidelines set by the SBTi, UNDO’s technology provides a robust solution to removing your business’ hard-to-abate emissions – bringing you closer to net zero.

How To Offset Carbon With UNDO

Embarking on a journey to net zero is about turning words and intentions into a clear strategy with actionable steps, supported by trusted partners. UNDO's approach, grounded in the Core Carbon Principles, bridges the gap between ambition and action with effective carbon removal.

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We work with you to audit your business’s carbon footprint and understand the full scope of your emissions.

Custom Plan

Based on your unique needs, we'll then craft a plan that targets your carbon removal goals.

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We Do Enhanced Rock Weathering


Knowing ERW has the ability to remove up to 4 gigatonnes of CO2 per year, we utilise existing infrastructure to deliver scalable carbon removal for a liveable future.


When you support us, the crushed silicate rock is spread on agricultural land within weeks. The weathering process begins removing CO2 and enriching the soil straight away.


We use a proven, science-backed approach to accelerate a natural geological process. This reduces the weathering timeframe from millennia to just decades.

Our Partners

Collaborating with dedicated partners on the journey to scale carbon removal.

More than carbon offsetting

UNDO’s carbon removal is about more than just offsetting

Our ERW solution helps achieve multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as improving soil health, creating green jobs, and promoting regenerative farming. With UNDO, your carbon strategy not only becomes more robust but also contributes to broader societal and ecological benefits.