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Field Notes: The Importance of Weather in Enhanced Rock Weathering

A well-known part of the Scottish psyche is impermanence. We believe everything changes and nothing good lasts forever. After growing

UNDO Among 20 Finalists for $100 Million XPRIZE Carbon Removal

As the world confronts the urgent challenge of climate change, the $100 million XPRIZE Carbon Removal is motivating global efforts

Navigating the Financial and Logistical Challenges of MRV

UNDO is on a mission to capture CO₂ from the atmosphere. But how do we make visible our capturing of

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UNDO Partners with British Airways, CUR8 and Standard Chartered in Carbon Removal Financing Pilot

UNDO expands its horizons in a landmark collaboration with British Airways, CUR8 and Standard Chartered as part of the flagship

The Drive to Net Zero: McLaren Racing Teams Up with UNDO in Carbon Removal Partnership

UNDO has become McLaren Racing’s first enhanced rock weathering partner as part of its new Climate Contribution Programme. Over the next

UNDO Launches Enhanced Rock Weathering Operations in Canada in Partnership with Canadian Wollastonite

UNDO has partnered with Ontario-based Canadian Wollastonite to continue to scale its enhanced rock weathering (ERW) operations. Not only will

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Creating a Positive Impact – UNDOing Climate Change: Innovative Climate Change Technologies

Join UNDOers, Dr XinRan Liu and Lizzie McNish, on ‘Creating A Positive Impact’ in an episode focused on ‘UNDOing Climate

Wilder Podcast Crushing Rocks for the Climate: Enhanced Weathering with Ben Westcott

Join us on the ‘Wilder Podcast’ for an engaging episode ‘Crushing Rocks for the Climate: Enhanced Weathering with Ben Westcott.’

Conversations in Cleantech: Pioneering Carbon Capture with Jim Mann

Join us on ‘Conversations in Cleantech’ for an insightful chat with our own Jim Mann, Founder and CEO of UNDO