Wilder Podcast Crushing Rocks for the Climate: Enhanced Weathering with Ben Westcott

Join us on the ‘Wilder Podcast’ for an engaging episode ‘Crushing Rocks for the Climate: Enhanced Weathering with Ben Westcott.’ Ben, the Head of Enhanced Weathering Operations at UNDO, discusses our innovative approach to combating climate change through the accelerated geological process of rock weathering with hosts Tom and Chloe Constable.

In this episode, Ben explores how this natural method not only permanently removes significant amounts of CO₂ but also brings benefits to landowners. The conversation delves into the challenges and opportunities within the carbon credit market and the broader implications of nature-based carbon storage technologies.

As part of UNDO’s ongoing commitment to impactful environmental solutions, Ben shares insights on scaling up our work and the future prospects of enhanced weathering. This is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, nature, and sustainable climate action.

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Listen to Ben Westcott on the ‘Wilder Podcast’ discuss ‘Crushing Rocks for the Climate.’ Learn about UNDO's role in using enhanced weathering for climate change and the benefits it brings to landowners.