Enhanced Weathering

Our technology: Enabling our climate solution

At UNDO, everything we do is backed by a highly scalable, purpose-built, end-to-end tech solution which enables us and our partners to conduct operations with maximum efficiency. This technology not only captures essential data but ensures its accuracy, establishing UNDO as a leader in generating robust and verifiable carbon removal credits.

Our Mission

Achieving Global Scale Carbon Removal

By 2025, our goal is to spread enough silicate rock to remove a million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere through enhanced rock weathering. Our technology allows us to operate on a global scale, enabling us to deliver high-quality, quantifiable and permanent carbon removal.

The Power of Enhanced Rock Weathering

Enhanced rock weathering has the potential to remove 4 billion tonnes of CO2 per year and stands out as one of the most promising carbon removal methods. Our innovative technology at UNDO enables the distribution and measurement of fast-weathering, nutrient-rich silicate rock fines across agricultural lands. This method not only permanently sequesters CO2 but also delivers a host of co-benefits to farmers, such as improved soil quality.

One of the key benefits of enhanced rock weathering as an approach to carbon removal is its potential to scale – a critical step to mitigating the impacts of climate change. Our proprietary technology allows us to globally expand our ERW operations with maximum efficiency while ensuring that the process remains fully verifiable.

Operational Efficiency

Our proprietary technology enables comprehensive data collection across the ERW lifecycle whilst ensuring operational efficiency with minimal overhead.

Global Scale

Identifying optimal locations for enhanced rock weathering using a combination of datasets, we empower a global network of strategic partners to scale our solution.

Monitoring and Verification

We collect essential scientific measurements to robustly verify carbon removals, employing both industry standard and proprietary mechanisms.


Our process is fully auditable, allowing traceability of every removed tonne of carbon back to specific locations, with clear insights into all related emissions.


Predicting carbon removal through advanced modelling guides our operational plans. Our geochemical model delivers accurate forecasts of carbon removal, unique to each rock mineralogy and spreading location and supports our commitment to verified carbon reduction.

The Technology at the Heart of Carbon Removal

Our mission is powered by an end-to-end custom tech platform, developed from the ground up specifically to make large-scale global carbon removal via enhanced weathering a practical reality.


NEWTON is our custom-built data platform and sits at the heart of our operations. It's more than just a database; it's a dynamic system incorporating custom mobile applications and in-field hardware to enable our global partners to record job data efficiently and robustly. NEWTON manages and translates the vast amount of operational and scientific data generated from our enhanced rock weathering activities. This includes everything from the initial rock spreading to the final carbon removal, ensuring traceability, validation and efficiency at every step.

Inventory Management System (IMS)

The Inventory Management System (IMS) is where data becomes action. After NEWTON collects and organises the data, the IMS steps in to generate carbon credits. Each credit is linked back to its source, ensuring every tonne of CO2 removed is quantifiable, traceable and verifiable. The IMS is a testament to our commitment to quality and transparency in the carbon credit market.

The Global Project Screener

Our Global Project Screener is a powerful GIS-based tool designed to map out the potential for enhanced rock weathering across the globe. By analysing various layers of geochemical, climatic and land-use data, this tool helps us identify optimal locations for our projects. It's an invaluable resource for expanding our reach while minimising environmental impact and costs. The screener ensures that our efforts are targeted, efficient and effective, laying the groundwork for future expansion.

Powering Our Mission with Integrated Tech

“You can only manage what you measure.” Robust and traceable carbon removal is only possible through the collection of comprehensive operational and scientific data. That’s why we have an integrated, purpose-built tech stack that documents and quantifies our entire process, from rock distribution to carbon credit issuance. This precision measurement enables us to not just aim for, but also achieve scaled CO2 removal. 

Transforming Carbon Removal and Agriculture

Our technology empowers climate action and agricultural innovation, aiming not just to remove CO2 but also to unlock a host of co-benefits. Through advanced data management and field applications, we’re pioneering new approaches to sustainable agriculture and impactful carbon removal.

Our integrated technology maximises the efficiency of enhanced rock weathering, enabling the scalable removal of millions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. By optimising the process from start to finish, we ensure that our approach is not just effective but also sustainable, setting a new standard for carbon removal practices globally.

Applying silicate rock fines to agricultural lands doesn’t just capture CO2; it also releases essential nutrients into the soil, such as potassium, magnesium and silicon. This naturally enhances soil fertility, leading to improved crop health and resilience against pests and diseases.

The crushed rock we spread encourages long-term soil health improvements. The increased mineral content helps to balance soil pH, enhance water retention and promote beneficial microbial activity. These changes build stronger, more sustainable ecosystems, contributing to healthier crops and potentially reducing reliance on chemical fertilisers.

Our Global Project Screener tool identifies optimal locations for rock application, ensuring that our activities support land preservation and biodiversity. By selecting areas where enhanced rock weathering can be conducted with minimal ecological disruption, we contribute to the conservation of natural habitats and the promotion of biodiversity.

Nurturing Communities and Ecosystems

Enhancing both environmental and social outcomes, our community-based carbon removal approach supports local ecosystems and economies. By integrating enhanced rock weathering into agricultural practices, we not only tackle climate change but also promote soil health and biodiversity. Our technology streamlines the coordination and oversight of these projects, ensuring that every phase is managed with precision and accountability. This strategy helps to stimulate economic development in rural areas and maintain a balance between reducing atmospheric CO2 and nurturing thriving environments where nature and communities can flourish.