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How to become a net zero company

Becoming net zero isn’t just about carbon accounting; it’s a holistic approach to corporate sustainability. Understand your footprint and discover credible offsetting strategies, like UNDO’s enhanced rock weathering solution.

Understanding Net Zero

To qualify as a net zero company, your business must have no net carbon footprint. It’s about reducing emissions using proven methods, while also investing in high-permanence carbon removals to compensate for residual emissions that cannot be eliminated.

Steps to reach net zero

Guide your company towards net zero with a holistic approach that balances environmental impact with innovative carbon management strategies.

Step 1: Record Your Impact: Begin by measuring your company's carbon footprint.

Every business, regardless of size, contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions. Understand your impact, considering both direct and indirect emissions from various sources including energy consumption, supply chains, and more.

Step 2: Prioritise Reduction: Having assessed your emissions, it's crucial to strategise on how to reduce them.

This involves implementing energy-efficient practices, refining supply chains, promoting eco-conscious behaviour among employees, and other tailored strategies unique to your organisation's operations.

Step 3: Invest in UNDO for Carbon Removal: Remove your unavoidable emissions with enhanced rock weathering.

Even after considerable reductions, some residual emissions will remain. By partnering with UNDO you are investing in scaling our ERW solution, supporting a groundbreaking approach to permanent carbon removal.

Why we need more net zero companies

Embracing a net zero approach is more than an environmental commitment; it’s a strategic decision that paves the way for business innovation and resilience. Net Zero companies open doors to new markets, enhance their brand reputation and have a robust future in a low-carbon economy.


Strengthen Brand Reputation

Achieve net zero to differentiate from competitors and boost customer trust.


Future Regulation Resilience

Stay ahead of evolving regulations, positioning your business as an industry leader.


Attracting Talent

Embrace sustainability to attract and retain a modern, environmentally-conscious workforce.

The role of carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting serves as a bridge for businesses to reach their net zero ambitions. With UNDO’s adherence to the Core Carbon Principles, businesses can ensure they’re investing in high-quality carbon offsets while also aligning with the Science-Based Targets initiative for a holistic climate strategy.

A science set to scale

Our enhanced rock weathering solution is speeding up a process given to us by mother nature, from thousands of years to decades.

Scalable Solution

As businesses work towards net zero, knowing ERW has the ability to remove up to 4 gigatonnes of CO2 per year, it offers a scalable solution that complements your reduction efforts.

Immediate Action

Adopting rapid solutions is key for net zero aspirations. From the moment our basalt is applied, it starts absorbing CO2, making immediate strides towards your goals.

Nature-Inspired Approach

Transitioning to net zero requires innovation and respect for nature. Our solution accelerates Earth’s natural processes, turning millennia into decades, and aligning businesses with natural, science-backed strategies.

Take your net zero journey further

Our method goes beyond traditional carbon offsetting. By integrating our credits into your strategy, you can enhance soil health, support local green jobs, and invest in scaling our high-quality carbon removal solution. It’s not just about offsetting – it’s about ensuring a sustainable future and setting new industry standards.