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Join the global network of partners who help us put carbon back in its place

Uniting Against Climate Change

Our community of world-leading businesses and industry change-makers are committed to reversing climate change through collective action. Together, we create a permanent, effective and sustainable response to the climate crisis.

Partnered With

We partner with leaders driving significant climate mitigation in their industries, fostering long-lasting climate action.

Collaborating for Sustainable Impact

Our partnerships are pivotal to our mission, combining resources and expertise from diverse sectors to drive impactful climate solutions and sustainable practices.

Quarries & Mines

We forge close working ties with quarries and mines around the world to carefully screen and source silicate rock, the central component in our ERW solution. We transform this aggregate product into an environmentally purposeful resource.

Farmers & Landowners

By collaborating with land and agriculture partners, we can safely and efficiently facilitate the application of crushed silicate rock on soil. Our rock is tested at regular intervals to ensure that it only delivers desired nutrients to the soil it is spread on.

Net Zero Businesses

UNDO's carbon removal solution supports businesses in meeting their net zero targets. We partner with both SMEs and global organisations that demonstrate a strong commitment to reducing emissions and achieving net zero or net-negative status.

Financial Opportunity and Innovation

It’s estimated that 5 trillion dollars will need to be invested annually in order to reach global climate goals. To do that, we’re going to have to be as innovative about finance as we are about science and software.

Case Study

Canadian Wollastonite

UNDO’s partnership with Ontario-based Canadian Wollastonite is pivotal in developing high-quality, permanent carbon removal solutions and furthering ERW research. It also brings benefits to soil quality for farmers and creates jobs in Canadian communities.

“The decision to work closely with UNDO was an easy one and I think I can speak for all involved when I say that we are extremely excited about the partnership.” – Bob Vasily, President of Canadian Wollastonite

Our Collective Mission

We have the power and resources to stop climate change, but we need to work together. In collaboration with our industry partners, we’re on a mission to spread enough rock by 2025 to permanently remove 1 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Partner With Us

Commit to taking effective, collaborative action against the climate crisis by becoming an UNDO partner today. Let’s make a lasting difference together.