We’re a fast-growing, for-profit business tackling the greatest challenge of our time: climate change.

Our mission

To permanently remove over 1 billion tonnes of CO2 and make carbon removal accessible to all.

Our mission is not just about business, it’s about our planet. We want to create a sustainable future where everyone can play a part in fighting climate change together.

Who We Are

Founded by Jim Mann, UNDO is on a global mission. We use enhanced weathering technology, which kick-starts nature’s own carbon capture process, locking away CO2 permanently.

We’re here to undo the damage done and provide a healthier planet for future generations.

Our Journey

From humble beginnings to significant milestones - discover the UNDO story:

February 2020

Jim Mann began exploring enhanced rock weathering technology in Scotland.

March 2021

Secured Stripe Climate Partnership to pilot enhanced rock weathering.

December 2021

Spread first 1k tonnes of crushed basalt rock in Scotland.

June 2022

Launched UNDO’s brand.

September 2022

Launched MVP of Newton Data Platform.

December 2022 enhanced rock weathering methodology approved.

February 2023

Nominated for the Earthshot Prize.

March 2023

Became Microsoft’s first enhanced rock weathering supplier.

May 2023

Announced fundraise with Lowercarbon Capital and AENU.

October 2023

Launched partnership with Canadian Wollastonite, beginning large-scale operations in Canada.

November 2023

Inked deal with McLaren, accelerating the scaling of our permanent carbon removal solution.

March 2024

Published our first peer-reviewed paper with Newcastle University demonstrating the significant agricultural benefits of enhanced rock weathering.


Goal of spreading enough silicate rock to permanently lock away 1 million tonnes of CO2.

The People that Deliver Our Mission

UNDO is powered by a dedicated team of industry leaders, world-class scientists and forward thinkers who share a commitment to advancing enhanced rock weathering's climate-saving potential.

Jim Mann

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

With a background in ecology and scaling businesses, Jim founded UNDO to combat climate change via enhanced rock weathering. His vision is to realise ERW’s potential for relatively low-cost, large-scale carbon removal with a permanence of 100,000+ years. UNDO strives to create durable, high-quality carbon removal credits with added co-benefits.

Ben Westcott

Chief Operating Officer

Ben is responsible for the planning and execution of our enhanced weathering operations. He led the first commercial enhanced weathering operations in the UK and has subsequently built out our partnership model and our global footprint.

Ryan King

Chief Commercial Officer

Ryan steers UNDO's commercial strategy, building new products and partnerships. With a history of scaling global businesses like HelloFresh UK, he now focuses on establishing UNDO’s brand and scaling commercial operations. His expertise is key in expanding UNDO's impact in the carbon removal industry.

Rachel Kentleton

Chief Financial Officer

Rachel is an experienced Board Director and CFO who has worked in internationally listed and private businesses across a number of sectors including consumer, technology, software and real estate. She is excited to be now able to put her skills and experience to work unlocking the capital required to support the UNDO team's vision to keep the planet fit for future generations.

Dr XinRan Liu

Director of Science and Research

A multi-award-winning particle physicist, XinRan leads a world-class science team at UNDO. With over a decade of experience in detector R&D, material assay and delivering large-scale scientific experiments, XinRan’s expertise is pivotal in advancing UNDO's science team and the scientific frontier of the ERW field to combat climate change.

Simon Manley

Head of Carbon

Specialising in carbon removal standards and methodologies, Simon ensures UNDO's projects generate verifiable, high-integrity carbon removal credits. His expertise is crucial in navigating the fast-evolving carbon removal sector, aligning UNDO's efforts with the global mission to mitigate climate change.

Bea Mocci

Senior Carbon Product Manager

At UNDO, Bea leverages insights to shape carbon products and develop crucial data management for carbon credits. Previously, she founded a conscious consumerism platform, participated in an Entrepreneur Residency, and earned an MSc in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh, propelling her into carbon removal and dedicating her career to this cause.

Our Values

While the climate challenge is clear and defined, we stay flexible and agile as we learn how to best tackle it. 

This is not a checkbox exercise: if we achieve all our goals, we set our sights higher and endeavour to move faster.

We embrace tough targets as much as the learnings from when we fall short, coming together and becoming more resilient.

We cherish, protect, and work for all our stakeholders: the team, the customers, the community, the oceans, the soils, the climate.

We come together to connect with nature, collaborate with our community, and deepen the impact of our work.

We balance our purpose with profit so we can ramp up investment to scale and widen our impact.

We root our approach in science and are committed to developing replicable and lasting solutions.

We take on hard conversations, communicate facts, and make clear stances, but always remain open to change.

We put integrity at the heart of all our work and conversations. This means acknowledging where we make mistakes, being open to scrutiny, embracing all learnings, and follow through with action.

We communicate openly and honestly, encouraging a just culture wherein individuals are free to speak up to progress the collective understanding of a previous position taken by the company.

We are leading the way in enhanced weathering with others in CDR, setting a high bar for ourselves and others.

We build a team of extraordinary individuals with diverse perspectives that elevate the whole team.

We trust each other to deliver at a high standard, providing direction not instruction. 

We hold each other accountable through shared objectives, always offering support.

We believe that we have a shot to make the world a better and more liveable place for all and confront challenges with optimism. 

We infuse positivity in our outlooks, goals, and language.

We take our work seriously but not ourselves, never hesitating to find joy, and taking advantage of the opportunities to celebrate even the small successes.

For Businesses

Invest in a liveable future and support your net zero ambitions by purchasing carbon removals.

For Individuals

Be part of our climate-conscious community and help us lock away 1 billion tonnes of CO2 with a monthly subscription.