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The most recent IPCC report is clear: we need carbon removal to achieve global net zero by 2050 and to stay within the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C warming target. Alongside drastic decarbonisation, impactful and durable carbon removal solutions are essential to address businesses’ residual emissions.

We Align With The Core Carbon Principles

UNDO’s carbon removal solution of enhanced rock weathering (ERW) embodies our unwavering commitment to the globally accepted ICVCM Core Carbon Principles. As we navigate the challenges of climate change, we offer businesses a credible path to environmental responsibility.

Permanent Carbon Removal

By choosing our solution, businesses can be confident that carbon is locked away securely for 100,000+ years. This sets us apart from other carbon offsetting methods, ensuring lasting sequestration and a meaningful, measurable impact on global climate efforts.

Methodology and Alignment with UN Goals

We follow the ICROA-certified methodology, in addition to aligning with global aims including the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as Climate Action and Life on Land.

Agricultural Partnerships and Co-Benefits

Our collaboration with agricultural partners goes beyond just carbon removal. Academic studies show that our solution boosts crop yields and bolsters soil health, supporting local farming communities.

Every year, natural rock weathering removes 1 billion tonnes of CO2. By spreading crushed silicate rock on agricultural land, UNDO dramatically accelerates this geological process. This combination of nature and innovation has the potential to address 40% of global CO2 removal targets.

Soil Health

Adding mineral-rich silicate rock to agricultural land improves soil fertility, leading to higher crop yields. At scale, this process has the potential to improve global food security and aligns seamlessly with established EU Soil Standards.

Community Empowerment

By supplying farmers with silicate rock and collaborating with local contractors, we’re not only boosting rural economies but also establishing a carbon removal solution rooted in the Oxford Offsetting Principles.

Ocean Health

The bicarbonate ions released during the rock weathering process counteract ocean acidification, directly benefiting marine ecosystems and strengthening the health of our oceans.

Circular Efficiency

Utilising an aggregate by-product, like basalt, resonates with our commitment to circularity. With an estimated 600 million tonnes of basalt rock available globally, we’re turning Earth’s mineral resources into an effective carbon removal solution.

Nature-inspired Innovation

By accelerating a natural geological process, our approach locks away carbon at an unprecedented rate, seamlessly merging time-tested methods with advanced technology.

Aligned for Impact

Our carbon removal solution, aligned with the ICROA-endorsed Puro Standard methodology, demonstrate our unwavering commitment to authentic and impactful climate solutions.

Safe and Effective

We ensure that the silicate rock used is thoroughly screened and vetted, ensuring it’s always safe and effective for spreading on agricultural land.

Prioritising Affordability

As one of the fastest-scaling carbon removal technologies, we’re on a mission to drive down the cost per tonne to make climate solutions more accessible.

Case Study

Our Partnership with Microsoft

UNDO is Microsoft’s first supplier for carbon removal via ERW, supporting Microsoft’s commitment to becoming carbon negative by 2030 and removing all of its historic CO2 emissions by 2050. In 2023, we spread 25,000 tonnes of mineral-rich basalt rock on agricultural land in the UK, which will permanently remove approximately 5,000 tonnes of CO2 over the next 20 years.

Carbon Offsetting For Businesses

Start, continue or accelerate your business’ decarbonisation journey with an approach that effortlessly integrates into your carbon strategy. With UNDO’s trusted carbon removals, your business can align its ambitions with real-world climate solutions.

Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the entirety of your business’ emissions, including direct and indirect emissions. UNDO collaborates with a range of partners who can guide you through this crucial step, helping you establish a clear and actionable carbon benchmark.

It’s not just about decreasing your carbon footprint but striving to eliminate it. Identify and implement strategies to minimise emissions, targeting business operations suitable for decarbonisation. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) emphasises the need for businesses to rapidly reduce emissions and set near-term targets that halve emissions by 2030.

After first rapidly decarbonising, it’s estimated that approximately 10% of residual emissions need to be offset with high-permanence carbon removals. Aligned with the Core Carbon Principles and in harmony with the guidelines set by the SBTi, UNDO’s technology provides a robust solution to removing your business’ hard-to-abate emissions –  bringing you closer to net zero.

Purchase Carbon Removals

Join other leading businesses that leverage UNDO’s ERW technology. Our carbon removal solution, aligned with the Oxford Offsetting Principles, provides a robust addition to your carbon portfolio. This supports environmental, social, and corporate governance objectives while ensuring high-quality and long-lasting impact.

The Pioneers of our Climate Science

We’re the scientists, strategists, analysts, researchers, innovators, number crunchers and creative thinkers behind enhanced rock weathering. Our team of UNDOers is pioneering racial climate action for future generations.

Jim Mann

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

With a background in ecology and scaling businesses, Jim founded UNDO to combat climate change via enhanced rock weathering. His vision is to realise ERW’s potential for relatively low-cost, large-scale carbon removal with a permanence of 100,000+ years. UNDO strives to create durable, high-quality carbon removal credits with added co-benefits.

Dr XinRan Liu

Director of Science and Research

A multi-award-winning particle physicist, XinRan leads a world-class science team at UNDO. With over a decade of experience in detector R&D, material assay and delivering large-scale scientific experiments, XinRan’s expertise is pivotal in advancing UNDO's science team and the scientific frontier of the ERW field to combat climate change.

Simon Manley

Head of Carbon

Specialising in carbon removal standards and methodologies, Simon ensures UNDO's projects generate verifiable, high-integrity carbon removal credits. His expertise is crucial in navigating the fast-evolving carbon removal sector, aligning UNDO's efforts with the global mission to mitigate climate change.

Bea Mocci

Senior Carbon Product Manager

At UNDO, Bea leverages insights to shape carbon products and develop crucial data management for carbon credits. Previously, she founded a conscious consumerism platform, participated in an Entrepreneur Residency, and earned an MSc in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh, propelling her into carbon removal and dedicating her career to this cause.

Ryan King

Chief Commercial Officer

Ryan steers UNDO's commercial strategy, building new products and partnerships. With a history of scaling global businesses like HelloFresh UK, he now focuses on establishing UNDO’s brand and scaling commercial operations. His expertise is key in expanding UNDO's impact in the carbon removal industry.

Ben Westcott

Chief Operating Officer

Ben is responsible for the planning and execution of our enhanced weathering operations. He led the first commercial enhanced weathering operations in the UK and has subsequently built out our partnership model and our global footprint.

Rachel Kentleton

Chief Financial Officer

Rachel is an experienced Board Director and CFO who has worked in internationally listed and private businesses across a number of sectors including consumer, technology, software and real estate. She is excited to be now able to put her skills and experience to work unlocking the capital required to support the UNDO team's vision to keep the planet fit for future generations.