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How to remove your carbon emissions as an individual

Every step counts towards a healthier planet. Start taking action on your carbon footprint today by removing your carbon emissions as an individual.


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Understanding Your Personal Carbon Footprint

A personal carbon footprint encompasses the total greenhouse gases, predominantly carbon dioxide, resulting from individual actions. In certain regions, average footprints surpass twice the global mean, reaching about 10 tonnes. To mitigate a 2℃ global temperature rise, it’s essential to lower the average to under 2 tonnes per person yearly by 2050. Gradual adjustments, such as reducing meat intake, minimising air travel, and embracing carbon removal, can collectively drive significant change.

The Power of Individual Action in Carbon Removal

Effective climate action extends beyond policies, with broader societal choices making a substantial impact. Embracing electric vehicles, better home insulation, and supporting carbon removal initiatives help shape a sustainable future. These collective decisions influence market trends and drive the adoption of eco-friendly practices, fostering systemic change.

The Impact of Carbon Removal with UNDO

Adopting a low-carbon lifestyle is crucial, yet fully eliminating emissions is challenging. Carbon removal, especially through methods like UNDO’s enhanced rock weathering, offsets unavoidable emissions. This scientifically backed and transparent process aids in global temperature control efforts. By subscribing, you contribute to a sustainable future for the planet, benefiting current and future generations.

How can I remove my personal carbon footprint?


Assess your carbon footprint to understand your environmental impact.


Actively decrease your carbon footprint through measures like adopting renewable energy, reducing air travel, and consuming less meat.


Offset the remaining carbon footprint by purchasing reputable, permanent carbon removals.

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Enabling Individual Action

At UNDO, we’re on a mission to enable individuals to actively mitigate their carbon emissions using enhanced rock weathering. Join us in this crucial mission to combat the climate crisis and foster a sustainable future, leveraging a natural and effective approach to carbon removal.