About Us

Our Team

Meet Team UNDO. We’re the scientists, strategists, analysts, researchers, innovators, number crunchers and creative thinkers pioneering enhanced rock weathering.

Executive Leadership

Guiding our vision and mission, combining strategic insight with industry expertise to steer UNDO towards meaningful climate impact.

Jim Mann

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Ben Westcott

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan King

Chief Commercial Officer

Rachel Kentleton

Chief Financial Officer

Science & Research

Dedicated to advancing our understanding and application of our enhanced rock weathering solution, this team spearheads innovative research initiatives and scientific breakthroughs.

Dr XinRan Liu

Director of Science and Research

Rob Palmer

Director of Innovation

Anežka Radkova

Research Lead

Kirstine Skov

Research Lead

Dr Will Turner

Data Science Lead

Amanda Stubbs

Senior Researcher

Dr Peter Wade

Science Modelling Lead

Tzara Bierowiec

Scientific Operations Manager

Jez Wardman


Utku Solpuker

Geochemical Modeller

Amy Frew

Field Technician

Matt Healey

Science and Carbon Coordinator

Morven Wilkie

Lab Technician

Callum Mitchell

Field Technician

Lucy Jones

Field Technician

Erin Chen

Lab Coordinator

Mark Roberts

Rock Sampling Hub Administrator


At the forefront of technological innovation, our team develops cutting-edge solutions to enhance our climate impact and operational efficiency.

Mat Meredith

Director of Technology

Shaun Edens

Engineering Manager

Tom Thurston

Senior Software Engineer

Jay Paleja

Geospatial Data Analyst

Ash Kummen

Data Engineer

Ram Baghdadi

Junior Software Engineer


Focused on transforming ideas into reality, the team ensures seamless execution of our projects across the globe, boosting efficiency and continuous improvement.

Anthony Parkinson

Global Operations Manager

Joe Ritchie

Operations Manager, Scotland

Andy Reay

Operations Manager, England

Rachel Sharp

Agricultural Business Development Manager

Lizzie McNish

Operational Associate

Finance & Strategy

Driving strategic initiatives, ensuring sustainable growth and aligning our financial operations with our long-term carbon removal goals.

Alex Bury

Head of Finance

Dr Dan Kohn

Head of Strategy

Alex Stone

Strategy Manager

Seb Buck

Commercial Finance & Strategy Manager

Lindsey Heggarty

Accounts Assistant


Responsible for market engagement and growth, the team builds and nurtures key relationships, expanding our reach and impact in carbon removal.

Chris Zair

Head of Partnerships

Zanna Casement

Senior Customer Success Manager

Nick Acfield

Account Manager

Simon Manley

Head of Carbon

Bea Mocci

Senior Carbon Product Manager

Ryan Holmes

Carbon Project Manager

Jo Spindler

Head of Brand and Marketing

Charlotte Allkins

Digital Marketing Manager

Benjamin Todd

PR and Content Editor


Championing our most valuable asset, our People team cultivates a dynamic and inclusive workplace culture, focusing on employee development and wellbeing.

Lucy Beney

Executive Assistant