Our Partners

Quarries & Mines

At UNDO, we utilise rock from the aggregate industries to create a revolutionary response to climate change. 


Our enhanced rock weathering (ERW) process uses silicate rock, such as basalt and wollastonite, from quarries and mines to permanently remove carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere.

Partnering for Progress

We collaborate with quarries and mines that produce silicate rocks, integrating our process into their operations. By partnering with us, they play a key role in supporting the scaling and efficiency of our carbon removal technology.

Locating Suitable Quarries

We utilise powerful global datasets to identify potential quarry partners. By pinpointing areas where suitable rocks are present, we can determine the exact locations that can fuel our operations.

Rigorous Rock Testing

Once we have identified a potential supply, we conduct rigorous rock testing. Through laboratory analysis, we determine the suitability of the rock for enhanced rock weathering.

Assessing Production Capacity

Following our initial tests, we assess whether the quarry can consistently provide the volume of rock needed for our operations. This ensures a stable and efficient supply chain for our enhanced weathering activities.

Our Approach To Enhanced Rock Weathering

We use existing infrastructure from the aggregate industries to deliver energy-efficient and scalable carbon removal.

Maximising Resources, Minimising Waste

We utilise silicate rock from our partners, then spread it on agricultural land where it locks carbon away quickly and permanently.

Comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis

We perform a full life cycle analysis, accounting for transport and spreading, to deliver a process that is 95% carbon-efficient for basalt and 90% carbon-efficient for wollastonite.

Safety and Effectiveness in our Process

We diligently analyse the rocks we use to rule out heavy metals and ensure they won’t harm soil or plants, making our carbon removal process safe and effective.