About us

Our Careers

At UNDO, we’re looking for people who want to make an impact. Join us to push boundaries with your skills, engage with cutting-edge technology, and stimulate your personal and professional growth.

Join a team with purpose

Working at UNDO puts you among a diverse and talented team, driven by a commitment to creating a liveable future. We pioneer science-backed, lasting solutions, lead with optimism, and celebrate every success. Join our learning-focused, honest, collaborative working environment and help us write a new chapter for our planet.

Our Mission

A career at UNDO is more than just a job: you’ll be supporting our mission to permanently remove over 1 billion tonnes of CO2 and make carbon removal accessible to all.

What we do

Developing holistic solutions

Researching to establish rigorous and scalable MRV approaches as well as understand the various benefits to soil and ecosystem health.

Building trusted technology

Developing technology platforms focused on efficient data collection and robust data management, enhancing transparency across the entire lifecycle of carbon removal processes, from sourcing to implementation.

Nurturing impactful relationships

Leading the way in ERW through carbon and sustainability expertise, building close relationships with customers and partners as they work to meet their net-zero goals

How we do things

Our approach is rooted in fostering a collaborative, supportive, and transparent workplace culture, ensuring that our collective efforts translate into meaningful environmental impacts.

Shared Success

We value every voice in our work environment. Through our employee share options, you'll not just work for us - you'll own a piece of the impact we make together.


With flexible working arrangements, enhanced parental policies, and access to wellness and rewards apps, we ensure your work-life balance is not just a concept, but a lived reality.


We're committed to cultivating an atmosphere where open dialogue and mutual trust drive every decision we make.

The path to becoming an UNDOer

Here's what you can typically expect from our detailed, personalised recruitment journey:

Pre-Screen Chat:

Learn about UNDO and share your skills and career interests.

Hiring Manager Call:

Discuss the position and your experience with the hiring manager.

Team Call:

Meet potential team members to gauge team fit.

Executive Call:

Understand UNDO from a leadership perspective through conversations with our executives.

Practical Task:

Complete a relevant task to put your skills into action and demonstrate your problem-solving approach.

In-Person Meeting (if local):

Meet us in person at either our London or Edinburgh hub.


If successful, we'll welcome you to the UNDO team!


Once you accept our offer, anticipate a thoughtful onboarding experience including pre-onboarding check-ins, a choice of refurbished tech, streamlined digital forms, and a detailed schedule.


We foster connections with weekly 'buddy' coffees and annual events, and support team-building initiatives - helping you feel welcome and prepared for success from day one.

Our values

While the climate challenge is clear and defined, we stay flexible and agile as we learn how to best tackle it. 

This is not a checkbox exercise: if we achieve all our goals, we set our sights higher and endeavour to move faster

We embrace tough targets as much as the learnings from when we fall short, coming together and becoming more resilient 

We cherish, protect, and work for all our stakeholders: the team, the customers, the community, the oceans, the soils, the climate.

We come together to connect with nature, collaborate with our community, and deepen the impact of our work.

We balance our purpose with profit. So we can ramp up investment to scale and widen our impact.

We root our approach in science and are committed to developing replicable and lasting solutions.

We take on hard conversations, communicate fact, and make clear stances, but always remain open to change.

We put integrity at the heart of all our work and conversations. This means acknowledging where we make mistakes, being open to scrutiny, embracing all learnings, and follow through with action.

We communicate openly and honestly, encouraging a just culture wherein individuals are free to speak up to progress the collective understanding of a previous position taken by the company.

We are leading the way in enhanced weathering with others in CDR, setting a high bar for ourselves and others.

We build a team of extraordinary individuals with diverse perspectives that elevate the whole team.

We trust each other to deliver at a high standard, providing direction not instruction. 

We hold each other accountable through shared objectives, always offering support.

We believe that we have a shot to make the world a better and more liveable place for all and confront challenges with optimism. 

We infuse positivity in our outlooks, goals, and language.

We take our work seriously but not ourselves, never hesitating to find joy, and taking advantage of the opportunities to celebrate even the small successes. 

Our Current Openings

Now you’ve got to know what we’re about, it’s time to join our story. Have a look at our current opportunities and take the first step towards becoming an UNDOer.