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We do enhanced rock weathering

We spread crushed silicate rock on local farmland to permanently remove CO2. Nutrients in our rock are released during weathering, which enriches soils and increases crop yields.

How does the subscription work?

We've made CO2 removal quick, easy and impactful for individuals.

Choose Your Package

Choose the package that fits your lifestyle and environmental aspirations, then simply complete the signup to start making a meaningful impact.

Start UNDOing

For every month you’re subscribed, we spread the amount of rock required to remove the CO2 ordered in your package. The rock starts removing CO2 as soon as it is spread.

Understand Your Impact

We'll keep you informed about the positive impact of your subscription, showing how your choice makes a difference. With the flexibility to modify or cancel anytime, your subscription can align with your lifestyle.

Become an undoer by subscribing today

Join our UNDO carbon community for as little as $5 a month.

As An Undo Subscriber

Lock away CO2, permanently

Take active steps to remove atmospheric CO2 and offset your carbon footprint, directly contributing to a more sustainable and healthier planet.

Regular Updates on Your Carbon Impact

Subscribe and receive regular email updates showing exactly how much carbon you’ve removed. Stay connected with your ongoing contribution to a healthier planet.

Invest in the future

Support the progress of our climate science and ERW technology, playing a key role in advancing environmental solutions.

A planet fit for the future

Join us in our mission to fight the climate crisis by permanently locking away CO2, ensuring a liveable planet for your loved ones and future generations.

ERW has the potential to lock away up to 4 billion tonnes of CO2 per year – 40% of global removal targets. Not only does this help keep the planet liveable for future generations, but it also delivers many co-benefits for local communities.

Soil Health

Silicate rock is mineral-rich. By spreading it on agricultural land, we’re increasing soil fertility, crop yield and global food security.

Green Jobs for Local Communities

Our nutrient-rich silicate rock is given to farmers for free, reducing fertiliser costs for rural farming communities. Rather than importing machines and talent, we work with local contractors.

Ocean Health

The alkaline bicarbonate ions created during the weathering process are eventually washed out to sea, where they help deacidify our oceans and are used by marine creatures to build their shells.


Unlike tree planting, ERW ensures that carbon is locked away for 100,000+ years. Once the CO2 has been removed, it’s locked away for geological time scales.


When you support us, the rock will be spread within weeks of subscribing. The rock begins enriching the soil and removing CO2 straight away.

Energy Efficient

UNDO uses existing infrastructure, from the trucks that haul our rock to the farm machinery that spreads it, ensuring our operations have a 95% carbon efficiency for basalt and 90% for wollastonite.

Start removing carbon

Our mission is to spread enough rock by 2025 to permanently remove 1 million tonnes of CO2 from Earth’s atmosphere.

Ready to join us? Become an UNDOer today.


  • Choose your package and complete the signup.
  • For each month you subscribe, we spread the precise amount of rock needed to capture the CO2 specified in your subscription.
  • The rock starts removing CO2 as soon as it is spread and will keep removing for decades until the full amount is sequestered, giving your subscription long-lasting value.
  • We will send you an email every time you purchase CO2, delivering you insights on the impact of your subscription.
  • No strings attached – you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Your subscription begins funding our rock-spreading operations immediately. We have spreading events every month (occasionally, due to the farming year and weather, we may delay an event until the following month) and will ensure that the amount of rock we spread removes the amount of CO2 you’ve paid for. 

The weathering process begins as soon as the rock is spread, with the full amount of CO2 gradually and permanently removed over the 20-year lifetime of basalt rock. We’ll keep you updated on the total CO2 removed thanks to your subscription.

Head to our help articles for more details on how to manage your subscription through our self-serve portal.

  • The product you are purchasing is the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using UNDO’s enhanced rock weathering technology.
  • Currently, this product is tied to our 20-year basalt carbon product. We will spread basalt rock on farmland, which starts removing CO2 as soon as it is spread and continues gradually removing CO2 over the next 20 years.
  • The amount of carbon removal you have purchased is guaranteed to be completely removed by the 20th year.
  • If you’re subscribed with us, we repeat this process every time your subscription successfully renews. Once removed, the carbon is locked away permanently.
  • We’ll update you with your total impact on an ongoing basis.
  • If you have purchased a subscription, it will automatically renew (either monthly or annually) on the same day that you signed up for it.
  • No strings attached – you can cancel your subscription anytime.