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Make a difference with a carbon removal subscription

By choosing an UNDO individual subscription, you’re supporting vital climate science and contributing to a sustainable future.

Your Subscription, Your Impact

Discover how your UNDO subscription plays a vital role in offsetting carbon emissions and supporting a healthier planet.

The Time To Act Is Now

The climate crisis is a serious threat to our planet. Greenhouse gas emissions have driven the Earth’s average temperature to a critical point, and the effects are being felt around the world. If we act now, we have a chance to mitigate the damage and create a liveable future for all.

Why Individual Carbon Removal Matters


Personal carbon removal subscriptions are a proactive way to make a real difference in our environment. They work by actively removing CO2 from the atmosphere, contributing to the reduction of global greenhouse gas levels and helping to combat the effects of climate change.


Through an individual carbon removal subscription, you're helping to advance the research and development of enhanced rock weathering (ERW) as a solution to climate change.


Personal carbon removals with our ERW solution come with incredible co-benefits, such as improving soil health and contributing to global food security.

We do Enhanced Rock Weathering

Our solution is speeding up a process given to us by nature, from thousands of years to decades.


Unlike tree planting, carbon dioxide is permanently locked away for hundreds of thousands of years. Once the carbon has been removed, this cannot be reversed.


When you support us, the crushed silicate rock is spread on agricultural land within weeks. The weathering process begins removing CO2 and enriching the soil straight away.

Energy efficient

We use existing farm machinery to spread on local land, ensuring our operations have a 95% carbon efficiency for basalt and 90% carbon efficiency for wollastonite.

Soil Health

We use mineral-rich silicate rocks. By spreading this on agricultural land, we’re increasing soil fertility, crop yield and global food security.

Green Jobs for Local Communities

Our rock is given to farmers for free, reducing costs for rural farming communities. Rather than importing machines and talent, we work with local contractors.

Ocean Health

The alkaline bicarbonate ions captured during the weathering process are eventually washed out to sea, where they help deacidify our oceans and are used by marine creatures to build their shells.

Our Mission

We're harnessing the power of nature for a greener future.

Our mission is to spread enough rock by 2025 to permanently remove 1 million tonnes of CO2.

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