Advancing Carbon Removal: A Conversation with the Pelorus Foundation

In our battle against the climate crisis, innovative solutions often come from the intersection of science, technology, and dedication. That’s where we find ourselves at UNDO, tirelessly advancing our mission through the pioneering method of enhanced rock weathering (ERW).

We’re thrilled to spotlight our partnership with the Pelorus Foundation’s Climate Investment Fund, a unique initiative aimed at responsibly tackling travel emissions. This dynamic portfolio, consisting of nature and technology-based solutions for carbon removal, underscores the pressing need for decisive action in our atmosphere. We had the opportunity to sit down with Geordie Mackay-Lewis, Founder and Chair of Pelorus Foundation to discuss the fund, our joint efforts, and how we are facilitating our corporate partners in building impactful CSR strategies.

Q: We’d love to hear more about the origin story of the Pelorus Foundation and how it has evolved over the years to tackle environmental and sustainability issues?

A: Having travelled the world extensively, both with the British Army and Pelorus, a bespoke travel company we founded back in 2017, I’d experienced some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife and unique ecosystems. Unfortunately, with this, I have also witnessed the decimation and destruction of both at the hands of humans. Scenes which, others will know, are hard to forget. Yet, time and time again, my travels brought hope – or more specifically, the people I met brought hope: from fascinating individuals committing their lives to protecting the last wildernesses to the movers and shakers challenging traditional outlooks with innovative conservation solutions. I saw defiance, a will to fight the current trajectory of our planet, whether that was herding families in Northern Mongolia, storm-battered island communities, or field rangers fighting a terrifying poaching war in Africa. Pelorus Foundation was founded on this undercurrent of change. We knew that whichever direction this dynamic movement took, Pelorus Foundation’s mission was to harness it, serve those driving it, and maximise the impact of our network – which is why we’ve evolved to tackle environmental and sustainability issues.

Q: How does the Climate Investment Fund contribute to the advancement of carbon removal solutions?

The Climate Investment Fund is a dynamic carbon removal portfolio, comprising nature and hybrid technology carbon removal credits. The result is a mid-range price per tonne carbon credit that supports the advancement of carbon removal technology, as well as nature projects with a strong community impact. As one of our portfolio’s high-impact project partners, we aim to help support the scale of UNDO through the purchasing of carbon credits, as well as powerfully promote it to individuals and businesses with the capacity to make a significant change.

Q: Can you describe why Pelorus Foundation chose to focus on carbon removal in its efforts to combat climate change?

Our Climate Investment Fund is modelled upon The Oxford Offsetting Principles which projects the best-advised future for the carbon credit industry. It made it clear that we needed to: 

1. Invest in the minority of carbon credited projects that work to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

2. Support projects that improve rural livelihoods, working with rural smallholders and communities.

3. Scale of novel technologies working to develop new solutions for carbon removal.

Every step, big or small, takes us closer to our shared goal of reversing climate change. Let’s UNDO the damage together.

By their nature, all carbon removal projects have strengths and weaknesses which is why we have curated a bespoke portfolio, enabling a strong and adaptable approach to climate investment – whilst encouraging the transition to more permanent storage at an affordable cost.

Q: What are some innovative solutions or technologies that the Pelorus Foundation is exploring for the future of our planet?

This year we’re particularly focused on the sheer dynamism surrounding ocean solutions, from the potential of oceanic climate action to coastal community projects tackling rural poverty. It’s an exciting and innovative space which we want to champion through our Climate Investment Fund which already includes technology-driven kelp and community-led mangrove reforestation carbon credits.

Q: How does this partnership align with your broader environmental goals?

Alongside our Climate Investment Fund, we support grassroots conservation projects that are predominantly addressing human-wildlife conflict through a bottom-up approach. Whether it’s training Field Rangers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or employing local tribesmen to protect pangolins in Namibia, our broader environmental goal is to advance the protection of our planet, through both people and technology. 

Q: What advice would you give to individuals and organisations looking to make a positive impact on climate change?

My advice would be to find and engage with organisations that are passionate about their work because, for me, that has inspired and motivated the most impactful action. For example, collective action, like that between Pelorus Foundation and UNDO, is undoubtedly one of the most powerful drivers of our work. 


The road to reversing climate change can be challenging, but each partnership and each conversation takes us closer to our goal. Our collaboration with the Pelorus Foundation’s Climate Investment Fund has opened doors to communities worldwide, making a tangible difference in carbon removal and biodiversity enhancement.

Join us in our shared responsibility to reverse climate change and preserve our vibrant planet for generations to come. As we close our discussion with the Pelorus Foundation, we reaffirm our dedication to our collective mission: remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and restore the balance of our world.

Photo Credit: Gula Gula Food Forest

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Every step, big or small, takes us closer to our shared goal of reversing climate change. Let’s UNDO the damage together.

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