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UNDO Launches Enhanced Rock Weathering Operations in Canada in Partnership with Canadian Wollastonite

UNDO has partnered with Ontario-based Canadian Wollastonite to continue to scale its enhanced rock weathering (ERW) operations. Not only will the partnership enable the generation of high-quality, permanent carbon credits, but it will also further the science of ERW, improve farmer’s soils (and bottom lines), and bring jobs to Canadian communities. Canadian Wollastonite has access to 17 million tonnes of wollastonite and has set an initial goal to remove 1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in the coming years.

Wollastonite – The Next Generation of Enhanced Rock Weathering

Canadian Wollastonite specialises in the mining and crushing of the fast-weathering mineral, wollastonite. In operation since 2013, they are known for their excellent environmental reputation and are the first new industrial minerals mine to receive all requisite federal and provincial environmental and operating approvals in Southern Ontario in 35 years. Canadian Wollastonite has partnerships with Trent University, the University of Guelph, and Yale University’s Center for Natural Carbon Capture. This puts them at the scientific forefront of researching wollastonite’s benefits as a carbon-capturing soil amendment.

Faster Carbon Absorption

UNDO is excited about wollastonite’s ERW application for multiple reasons. It absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere ten times faster than comparable silicate minerals and has a greater carbon capture capacity too. For every 1.6 tonnes of crushed wollastonite spread, 1 tonne of CO2 is captured. 

Wollastonite has a wealth of co-benefits for farmers and their land. When the rock weathers, it releases calcium, magnesium, and silicon, as well as other major and minor nutrients into the soil. This results in higher crop yields, increased pest resistance, and improvement in the pH of soils. 

The crushed rock can be spread on any type of cropland, and reduces the need for CO2-emitting lime inputs in fields. 

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“We are thrilled to be working with Canadian Wollastonite. This partnership has felt incredibly natural. It is built on shared values and a vision for seeing tangible benefits for both the climate and the farming community. Together, we plan to build a world-first and world-leading ERW partnership.”

Rob Palmer, Director of Innovation at UNDO

A Natural Carbon Removal Partnership

Canadian Wollastonite and UNDO’s partnership is a logical fit, having aligned values and the desire to deploy nature’s resources to pioneer radical climate action. The mining company is one of the most environmentally considerate in North America. More than 15,000 trees have been planted on the property where the mine operates, and several large wetlands have been built with a marked increase in purple martin, duck, and bat populations. Less than 15% of the property’s  220 hectares of land will be disturbed by mining activities, allowing plenty of space for future environmentally beneficial projects. Canadian Wollastonite also plans to increase the renewable energy mix it utilizes to power its operations through solar panel installation.

Even at this early stage, UNDO’s lifecycle operations with Canadian Wollastonite boast more than 90% carbon efficiency. (For every 100 tonnes of CO2 removed through the spreading of Wollastonite, less than 10 tonnes of CO2 are emitted in the process of getting it from mine to farm.)


Why Wollastonite? Helping Prove our ERW Science 

Wollastonite is less abundant than basalt, the volcanic rock that UNDO has exclusively spread for ERW up to this point. While it is not a silicate rock that is going to fix global warming on its own, it will help prove the science of ERW. 

By weathering quickly, UNDO gets more data in a shorter time period. We will incorporate this data into our geochemical models and then be able to set up more effective frameworks for more abundant minerals to be better modelled and deployed.  

Wollastonite may be the best mineral to demonstrate at scale how ERW can be used as a geo-engineering tool to capture and permanently store atmospheric CO2. It can also prove that CO2 removal can be done at much lower costs per tonne than other alternatives, while simultaneously improving crops and engaging farmers worldwide to become part of the climate solution.

Spreading Wollastonite in Canada Greatly Increases UNDO’s Carbon Removal Capacity

By the end of 2023, Canadian Wollastonite plans to spread 10,000 tonnes of crushed Wollastonite on farms in Ontario on behalf of UNDO.

Canadian Wollastonite and UNDO’s partnership is truly a win-win scenario: a win for local farmers and businesses engaged to make this process happen and an environmental win, as the world continues the battle to stabilise and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere.

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“The decision to work closely with UNDO was an easy one and I think I can speak for all involved when I say that we are extremely excited about the partnership. We highly encourage farmers in eastern Canada to get in touch with us if they want to take advantage of this great benefit model.”

Bob Vasily, President of Canadian Wollastonite

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