Conversations in Cleantech: Pioneering Carbon Capture with Jim Mann

Join us on ‘Conversations in Cleantech’ for an insightful chat with our own Jim Mann, Founder and CEO of UNDO Carbon. In this engaging episode, Jim, alongside Brightsmith Director Jenny Gladman, delves into how UNDO is revolutionising carbon removal using basalt rock to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere and enrich agricultural land.

At UNDO, we’re not just about innovative solutions; we’re also committed to rigorous measurement and verification of our carbon removal impact. Jim shares his journey in founding UNDO, driven by a deep ecological consciousness and a determination to contribute scalable, impactful solutions to the climate crisis.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation that highlights the potential of our technology and Jim’s invaluable insights for anyone passionate about making a difference in the clean technology sector.

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Explore the revolution in carbon removal on ‘Conversations in Cleantech.’ Hear from UNDO's Jim Mann and Brightsmith's Jenny Gladman about using basalt for CO2 removal and land enrichment.