Creating a Positive Impact – UNDOing Climate Change: Innovative Climate Change Technologies

Join UNDOers, Dr XinRan Liu and Lizzie McNish, on ‘Creating A Positive Impact’ in an episode focused on ‘UNDOing Climate Change: Innovative Climate Change Technologies.’ XinRan, our Head of Science and Lizzie, our Operational Associate, engage in a vital conversation with host Sam Hamilton-Turner about our mission to tackle the climate crisis.

In this episode, Lizzie and XinRan bring their unique experiences and insights to the forefront, discussing UNDO’s effective approach to carbon removal through enhanced rock weathering. This method is not just a scalable solution for removing atmospheric CO₂, but also an essential step in addressing the escalating climate crisis, where the stakes include global crop failures and catastrophic climate impacts.

Learn about the rigorous methods we use at UNDO, including geochemistry modelling and field measurements, to quantify the impact of our carbon removal efforts. This discussion is an opportunity to understand the significant co-benefits and the science behind our innovative approach to creating a lasting positive impact on our planet.

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Discover 'UNDOing Climate Change' on ‘Creating A Positive Impact’ with UNDO's Dr XinRan Liu and Lizzie McNish. Learn about innovative carbon removal technologies and their impact.