Positioning Canada as a World Leader in Carbon Removal

Discover the significant benefits of using wollastonite for carbon removal and agricultural enhancement. This comprehensive guide demonstrates how wollastonite, a fast-weathering, mineral-rich silicate rock, can rapidly remove CO₂ while supporting soil health and crop productivity.

The key findings and benefits include:

– High-Quality Carbon Removal: Using wollastonite ensures permanent CO₂ removal, playing a crucial role in our climate change mitigation efforts.

– Improved Soil Health: The release of nutrients from wollastonite enhances soil fertility and raises soil pH, reducing the need for liming.

– Increased Crop Yields: Improvements in crop yields and resilience, contributing to better overall farm productivity.

– Cost-Efficiency: The use of wollastonite reduces input costs and supports local farming communities.

Canada: A Strategic Hub for Carbon Removal

Canada is uniquely positioned to become a global leader in carbon removal. The country’s commitment to net zero by 2050, combined with its abundant natural resources and vast agricultural land, makes it an ideal location for enhanced rock weathering (ERW) projects. With over 70 carbon dioxide removal (CDR) companies already established, Canada is rapidly advancing in the CDR sector.

Our exclusive partnership with Canadian Wollastonite (CW) in Ontario exemplifies the potential for scaling carbon removal operations. CW’s access to 17 megatonnes of fast-weathering wollastonite rock and its extensive research on the agricultural and carbon removal benefits provide a strong foundation for our ERW projects. In 2023 alone, CW spread 8,600 tonnes of wollastonite on farms in Ontario on behalf of UNDO, with plans to expand significantly in 2024.

Supporting Community-Based Carbon Removal

UNDO is committed to working closely with rural communities to deploy our carbon removal solutions. By providing wollastonite to farmers free of charge, we support sectors vulnerable to climate change and drive local economic growth through green jobs. Our operations also prioritise climate justice, engaging with First Nations communities to ensure equitable access to opportunities arising from our projects.

Invest in Canada’s Carbon Removal Economy

Canada’s burgeoning CDR industry benefits the environment and presents significant economic opportunities. A robust CDR sector could create over 300,000 jobs and add CAD $143 billion to GDP by 2050. With a growing demand for high-quality carbon removal solutions, forward-thinking companies can secure their sustainability commitments by partnering with local project developers.

Download “Positioning Canada as a World Leader in Carbon Removal” to explore the transformative potential of wollastonite and ERW technology.