Need for Speed: The Race to Scaling Carbon Removal Solutions for Businesses

Join us in the urgent mission to meet the IPCC’s 2050 net zero deadline with ‘Need for Speed: The Race to Scaling Carbon Removal Solutions for Businesses.’ This essential webinar highlights the critical role of businesses in decarbonising and scaling up carbon removal solutions worldwide.

Understand the Dynamics of Scaling:
Learn why rapidly expanding carbon removal capabilities are essential for both buyers and developers in the race against climate change.

Actions and Impact of Buyers:
Discover the significant steps businesses are already taking towards carbon removal and the effects of their initial endeavours.

Global Progress in Carbon Removal:
Gauge where the world stands in its journey towards effective carbon removal and the key milestones we must achieve.

Overcoming Challenges:
Identify the hurdles in scaling carbon removal and the catalysts that can propel us forward.

Guiding Frameworks for the Future:
Familiarise yourself with the Reykjavik Protocol and other crucial frameworks driving the voluntary carbon market.

Insights from the Experts:
Delve into a thought-provoking Q&A session from our webinar, where industry leaders discuss the intricacies of scaling carbon removal solutions.

The Clock is Ticking

With the global deadline approaching, achieving scale in carbon removal is not just a goal but an imperative. Businesses are at the forefront of this endeavour. Join us to understand how your business can be an active participant in the carbon removal landscape, helping to achieve your net zero targets while contributing to a sustainable future.

Meet the Thought Leaders

Tom Previte
Host of the Carbon Removal Show, Tom will provide a macro view of the carbon removal landscape and the critical role of scale in our fight against climate change.

Jim Mann
The CEO of UNDO, Jim will be defining what quality carbon removal looks like and what will be the gold standard as CDR solutions scale.

Georgia Pemberton
As UNDO’s Head of Enterprise Sales, Georgia will delve into the practicalities of financing carbon removal at scale and its impact on businesses.

Kelly Wachowicz
Bringing her expertise as CFO from Planetary Technologies, Kelly will share insights into the financial and strategic aspects of scaling carbon removal solutions.

Pete Chargin
As Vice President of Commercialisation and Community Relations of Planetary Technologies, Pete will discuss his experience with the challenges and breakthroughs in scaling carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions.

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