Scaling Our Community and Our Carbon Removal Solution

We recently posted a pledge to our community of stakeholders. These partners are all those involved in our operational life cycle, from where the silicate rock is sourced to where it is spread. It includes the investors who finance us, academics conducting scientific research and verifying our carbon capture, and carbon market partners selling our removal credits. These are our farmers, quarry partners, climate scientists, geologists, environmental authorities, and all those who want a world fit for future generations.   

Removing carbon is a community effort

UNDO’s work, removing CO2 from the atmosphere using rain, land and rock, is done in local communities and mostly, by our community members. We could not accomplish our mission without the people who crush rock, drive trucks, manage fields and grow food. We engage early and often with the communities we work in, explaining the many benefits of our process and building understanding. We tangibly demonstrate how we can help landowners while also helping the planet through a science-based approach. Our goal is not just to make a difference in the fight against climate change, but to our partners’ bottom lines as well.

Our farmers receive nutrient-rich silicate rock, such as basalt, which is spread on their land. This improves soil health, increases crop yield, and reduces the need for expensive fertilisers. UNDO also provides comprehensive soil analyses, showing the positive impact of our services on their soil compositions.

“For farmers, the benefits of UNDO’s work are clear: spreading crushed basalt on our fields is good for the soil quality and good for the livestock that grazes here, which is what every farmer wants. It also means that less costly products are needed to maintain the health and pH of our soil. It’s easy to do as UNDO organise the spreading for us and we’re already reaping the rewards.”

John Logan, Farmer, Blairmains

Our quarry partners get paid for their rock and hauling services and play a vital role in improving the quality of life for the farming community around them. They are enthusiastic to be contributing to positive climate solutions, and without their cooperation, our carbon removal solution would not be possible.

“This partnership with UNDO presents Breedon with the opportunity to repurpose aggregate stocks that are surplus to requirement and we have committed over 35,000 tonnes of basalt to UNDO over the next six months. This commitment will help UNDO to permanently remove over 8,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; and has the added benefit of improving soil quality for farmers. We are dedicated to making a material difference to the environment and are truly excited by this partnership with UNDO which has the potential to do good for our colleagues, communities and for all of our stakeholders.”

Mark Mitchelmore, Technical Manager at Breedon Group

While the concept of carbon removal can seem intangible, our outreach and community engagement are concrete. We value our partnerships with local academic institutions that share their expertise as UNDO’s science team propels forward the scientific advancement of ERW-related monitoring and verification. We share environmental assessments with local regulatory and catchment authorities where we operate, in the interest of collaboration and transparency. We attend the same rural fairs and shows as our farmers and place ads in the trade magazines they read to maximise our opportunities for engagement. 

Crucially, we at UNDO are highly aware that the adverse effects of climate change heavily fall upon those least responsible. We strive to bring carbon removal capability to marginalised communities worldwide, promoting diversity in project leadership, supporting local entrepreneurship, and incorporating community input into project design and implementation.

We are also grateful to our investors and those businesses who have chosen our solution in which to invest their resources.

“Enhanced weathering offers a highly scalable, low-cost route to carbon removal, and the UNDO team is making strong progress. We’re particularly excited about UNDO’s upcoming large-scale field trials and commitment to working towards best-in-class measurement of removal, which will be essential to commercialising enhanced weathering in the near future.”

Joanna Klitzke, Strategy and Operation, Stripe Climate

And, of course, we are thankful to the carbon-conscious community that engages with us, be it online or in person.

Image of Darren Evans

“I’m a co-founder of the Green Runners, and our environment, climate change and sea levels are really important to me. I love what UNDO are DOING and once I understood the ‘science’ behind it, it seemed like a no-brainer for me to sign up to help reduce or offset some of my carbon footprint, especially as I have an existing trust in the founding UNDO team.”

Darren Evans, Seaford, East Sussex, England

Climate solutions come from strong community relationships

Our operation has many moving parts and is only scalable when we have strong relationships across all stakeholders. UNDO recently hit a milestone, spreading 100 thousand total tonnes of rock. We hope to get into millions of tonnes of total rock spread in the next two years. To do so, we will continue to grow our partner network around the world. We of course look forward to scaling our solution. But more importantly, our community relationships and trust will scale first.

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