Canadian Wollastonite and UNDO

Discover the transformative power of Canadian Wollastonite in partnership with UNDO. This informative resource sheds light on our innovative enhanced rock weathering solution, showcasing its ability to remove CO₂ from our atmosphere in addition to enhancing soil health on a global scale.

Dive into the benefits of wollastonite, a unique silicate rock that not only improves soil health but also acts as a natural method for carbon removal. Learn how this mineral can also help balance soil pH, reduce the need to lime and add essential nutrients to the soil.

Our flyer illustrates the collaborative process with farmers, offering wollastonite at no cost and supporting its efficient use in various types of farming. Through incorporating wollastonite in agricultural practices, it plays a pivotal role in our mission to remove a million tons of atmospheric CO₂, improving crop resilience and enhancing crop yields.

Download the ‘Canadian Wollastonite and UNDO’ flyer now to uncover the dual benefits of this remarkable rock for carbon removal and sustainable farming.