Reversing Climate Change: Financial Innovation within Carbon Removal

Join Peter Olivier, our Head of New Markets at UNDO, on the ‘Reversing Climate Change’ podcast in an episode ‘Financial Innovation within Carbon Removal (& EHR!)’. This episode offers a unique perspective on the vital role of financial innovation in advancing carbon removal efforts, a key component complementing our scientific breakthroughs.

Peter leads the conversation on how UNDO is not only pioneering enhanced rock weathering (ERW) for large-scale carbon removal but also forging new pathways in the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) market. He discusses our innovative process, the sourcing of silicate rocks, and our collaborative efforts with farmers to utilise crushed rock for both environmental benefit and agricultural enhancement.

Further delving into the world of carbon finance, Peter shares insights on the evolution of forward contracts in the CDR market and explores strategies to scale these financial mechanisms effectively. His expertise highlights the intersection of finance and technology in our mission to tackle climate change.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of how financial innovation is driving the success of carbon removal initiatives and shaping the future of environmental solutions.

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Hear from UNDO's Peter Olivier on the 'Reversing Climate Change' podcast about 'Financial Innovation within Carbon Removal'. Gain insights into how finance and technology intersect in advancing carbon removal efforts.