New Study Shows The Agronomic Benefits of Enhanced Rock Weathering

UNDO, in partnership with Newcastle University, has released a peer-reviewed paper that finds enhanced rock weathering (ERW) contributed to a

Initial Agronomic Benefits of Enhanced Weathering Using Basalt: A Study of Spring Oat in a Temperate Climate

In collaboration with Newcastle University, we are proud to present a peer-reviewed paper that demonstrates the significant agricultural benefits of

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Through Enhanced Rock Weathering

Established by the United Nations in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a call to action to end poverty,

Canadian Wollastonite and UNDO

Discover the transformative power of Canadian Wollastonite in partnership with UNDO. This informative resource sheds light on our innovative enhanced

Enhanced Rock Weathering for Farmers (UK)

Unlock the potential of enhanced rock weathering for your farm. Our informative flyer, ‘Enhanced Rock Weathering for Farms UK,’ provides

Four Incredible Benefits of Enhanced Rock Weathering

Climate change impacts every natural system on Earth, whether it’s the health of our oceans, the resilience of crops, global

Our Visit to the Largest Agroecological Movement on the Planet

The Oxford Real Farming Conference started in 2010 as an offshoot of the Oxford Farming Conference which has run since

Regenerative Farming: Is it the Answer and Where Does Enhanced Weathering Fit?

Advances in technology after World War II and the 1947 Agriculture Act, which attached large importance to food security and

An Agronomist’s View on Enhanced Weathering

Through enhanced weathering, we are committed to removing 1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. It’s an ambitious target and to