Finding Hope Amid Climate Despair: Navigating the Path To 1.5°

“A quick glance at the news and it’s easy to give into despair about the state of the climate crisis.

Field Notes: The Importance of Weather in Enhanced Rock Weathering

A well-known part of the Scottish psyche is impermanence. We believe everything changes and nothing good lasts forever. After growing

Navigating the Financial and Logistical Challenges of MRV

UNDO is on a mission to capture CO₂ from the atmosphere. But how do we make visible our capturing of

Tales from the Earth: Mastering the Art of Measuring Enhanced Rock Weathering

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” John

Celebrating Women in STEM Day at UNDO

February 11th is International Day for Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) or Women in STEM Day. We

The Technology Behind Enhanced Rock Weathering and UNDO’s Success

It’s easy to think that enhanced rock weathering is as simple as “chucking rock around fields.” In very simple terms,

Need for Speed: The Race to Scaling Carbon Removal Solutions for Businesses

Join us in the urgent mission to meet the IPCC’s 2050 net zero deadline with ‘Need for Speed: The Race

Creating a Positive Impact – UNDOing Climate Change: Innovative Climate Change Technologies

Join UNDOers, Dr XinRan Liu and Lizzie McNish, on ‘Creating A Positive Impact’ in an episode focused on ‘UNDOing Climate

Wilder Podcast Crushing Rocks for the Climate: Enhanced Weathering with Ben Westcott

Join us on the ‘Wilder Podcast’ for an engaging episode ‘Crushing Rocks for the Climate: Enhanced Weathering with Ben Westcott.’

Conversations in Cleantech: Pioneering Carbon Capture with Jim Mann

Join us on ‘Conversations in Cleantech’ for an insightful chat with our own Jim Mann, Founder and CEO of UNDO

Reversing Climate Change: Financial Innovation within Carbon Removal

Join Peter Olivier, our Head of New Markets at UNDO, on the ‘Reversing Climate Change’ podcast in an episode ‘Financial

Climate Confident: Can Enhanced Weathering Be Used To Suck CO₂ Out Of The Atmosphere At Scale? A Chat With UNDO

Join us on the ‘Climate Confident’ podcast for our episode, ‘Can Enhanced Weathering Be Used To Suck CO₂ Out Of

A Guide to Carbon Offsetting for Businesses: Navigating the Pathway to Net Zero

As the urgency to combat climate change intensifies, businesses are increasingly focusing on carbon offsetting and specifically the purchase of

From Dark Matter to ‘dark matter’

My journey to becoming the Head of Science and Research for the leading carbon sequestration company – UNDO was not

Enhanced Rock Weathering: The Fastest-Scaling Carbon Removal Technology

I first came across enhanced rock weathering (ERW) in February 2020. ERW, at the time, was purely academic with significant

The Democratisation of Carbon Removal

The most recent IPCC report says that we must be actively removing 10 billion tonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere

How Regenerative Finance Can Fund the Future

Starting with the solution Articles on our climate, whether pessimistic catalogues of the end of the world or optimistic scripts

Why I Founded UNDO

The harsh reality is that we’ve left things too late. Even if we eliminate fossil fuel use and decarbonise all